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Bonjour Fellas! I'm Marthina :) Nice to know you . Thanks for the visiting , I'm very appreciate it kay :) My blog is simple and this is my private blog . Thanks :')


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Today is Valentine's Day! But, for me and my BF is everyday is Valentine's Day! Hahahaha :3 WTH! I know, muslim are not allowed for Valentine's day right? So pity. Hahahaha >< WTF! Hmm. Okayyyyyyy, now is 9.00 pm 14/2/2012. It is raining. I feel so, so lonely without BEBE :'( BEBE, where are you? Why you so busy tonight? Huaaaa! :'O I miss you damn much! Hmmm. I'm waiting for you. BEBE, don't be afraid, I loved you for a thousand year and more :'3 

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